Sam and Matt finished a 40 wedge order!

Fulfilling A Dream

What is a wedge you ask? Wedge is short for sandwich... the term originated at Landi's Deli on Willow Street in Yonkers, NY during the 1920's. Antonio and Concetta Landi, then their son Frank, ran the place. Anyhow, it's pretty simple... Concetta never spoke a word of English and she started calling sandwiches "wiches" or wedges... it stuck with the customers and because they served the best wedges then and now (if they were still around) the name spread locally.....there you go.

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And here's more for you to chew on...

If you’re wondering why I put “gravy” with some of my foods, here’s the deal. On Sundays when the family would sit down for dinner, there was always a huge bowl of macaroni and gravy. Macaroni was any type of pasta and gravy was any type of sauce that it is mixed with. It doesn't matter if it's tomato based, cream sauce, or an aioli. When the macaroni is made fresh, its about the flavor of the macaroni. Not the gravy. Nowadays, it’s about the gravy. However, I’ll never pass up a fresh macaroni with garlic aioli.

Owners Mike, Katrina and family purchased Cozzie's Deli from Dave and Deb in May of 2023.  Continuing the legacy of 10 years of the NY Deil right here in Salem, Oregon 

Dave’s dream of opening up a deli was realized after he moved to Oregon in 1997 and found there weren’t any wedge (sandwich) shops that served authentic East Coast style grub.  Dave’s desire of constructing delicious food has led him to spend numerous years passionately mastering the art of seasoning and roasting meats and building delicious homemade salads and sauces.  When you eat at Cozzie’s NY Deli, you’ll experience the taste as an authentic, busy hard-working New Yorker would. Now come eat!